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How se3 and ori is stored



I am confused about how se3 and ori is stored.  se3 = [posX,posY,posZ, [[axisX,axisY,axisZ],angle] ]???   and  ori =  [ [axisX,axisY,axisZ],angle ]???

There are some cases that lead me to serious confusion:

1) Ori is declared as Quaternionr.  So, it should be [q0,q1,q2,q3].

2) I've seen "b2->state->ori.Conjugate()".   According to the Quaternion.inl file, "ori" has to be stored as q0+q1+q2+q3 for the conjugate to be calculated.

3) When we declare orientation = [1,0,0,0] are we saying q0=1, q1=0, q2=0, q3=0?  

There seems to be automatic conversions between [q0,q1,q2,q3] and [ [axisX,axisY,axisZ],angle ], of which I'm not aware.  Can someone please enlighten me?  


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