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Re: Contact forces


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I don't know what you mean, please state your problem clearly. If you
talk about
then you need any simulation to run.
> # run uniax.py to get this file
> # or just get some data from TriaxialTest, whatever
> O.load('/tmp/uniax-tension.xml.bz2')
is that examples/concrete/uniax-post.py?

> I didn't found any script file in the '/yade-020-2/sripts'  dealing with
> the triaxial test, may I use another version of Yade ?
Yes, you may, trunk for instance.
> I don't see what shall I use as file to point to here in o.load ('what
> file?') for the triaxial test ?
Any saved simulation. But you don't have to load anything, you can use
your current simulation as well.


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