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Re: Uniform distribution


It is the way it is supposed to work, and is documented as such.
rRelFuzz is radius fuzz ("dispersion" of the uniform distribution, i.e.
max-min) relative to rMean, that means it goes .5 above and below. E.g.
for rMean=0.1 and rRelFuzz=.5, you have range 0.1±½*.5*0.1.

Mmmmh... ok.
I considered makeCloud was a copy of the older generator from TriaxialTest, which was clearly not supposed to generate between +/- 0.5. You solved the problem the other way, by changing the meaning of the variable. For me, +/- deviation is more intuitive than +/-0.5dispersion, but it is just a matter of taste.
Do we revert to 0.5 or do we update the doc?


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