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Re: help for YADE, the shell is black!


Please, answer into Mailing list, as other users with similar problems can
find it useful for themselves.

It seems YADE is working normally in your case. You just need to start one
of examples, placed in ./scripts/test folder like this:

./yade-0.20 regular-sphere-pack.py (just for fun and to be sure that YADE is

Hope, it will help.

Anton Gladkyy

2010/1/18 Nasibeh Moradi <nasibeh.moradi@xxxxxxxxx>

> Hello,
> I downloaded and installed all of the packages and yade correctly.
> I installed Yade from package and source code (trunk series- yade 0.20.2),
> both of them are same,
> before I installed yade0.12.1 , I did not have any problem with them,
> but when I run yade 0.20.2 the window of view is black,
> the picture of yade is attached.
> Thank you
> Nasibeh

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