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Re: hello? -help with a spinning bucket!


I am using paraview for two reasons: first, I have the vague idea that it will get the job done faster, that I will have less time to wait, which I now suspect is not the case, second, it allows me to control the speed at which I view the simulation, which I don't believe is possible using the Qt view. correct me if I am wrong.

You tried pressing F10 during a simulation yes? Of course you can't see the result faster than it is actually computed, but you can always reduce the number of particles.

I am including several videos this time. I assume it is fairly obvious that there are things that are not right, given my previous description of what should in fact be happening.

It seems the discretization of the cylinder is too coarse, resulting in permanent impacts between spheres and facets. Do you have friction on bottom boundary? It seems the bucket rotation is very fast compared to particles motion.


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