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How to compile YADE on the NON Debian/Ubuntu systems?
I mean the systems without qglviewer package, for example, openSUSE.
When I install QGLViewer from source, I got a libraries:

libQGLViewer.so -> libQGLViewer.so.2.3.6
libQGLViewer.so.2 -> libQGLViewer.so.2.3.6
libQGLViewer.so.2.3 -> libQGLViewer.so.2.3.6

but Yade need libqglviewer-qt3.so file...
So, I create links:

/usr/lib64/libqglviewer-qt3.so -> libQGLViewer.so
/usr/lib64/libqglviewer.so -> libQGLViewer.so

After that Yade successfully compiled, but when I run it, I got
segmentation fault without any messages for both default and dbg profiles, with and without -n option. For example:

sega@think:~> yade-trunk
Welcome to Yade bzr2341
Segmentation fault

Best regards,
Sergei D.

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