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Re: real-time visualization


 Hi Chiara, I use Paraview, but never visualized vectors, arrows in general.
> I'll see, I have to try outside linux because paraview crashes with Ubuntu
> 10.04. Does it work properly on your pc? Have you got Ubuntu 10.04
> installed?
Hi Ema, no I am using Ubuntu 9.04. I am trying to install Paraview right now
but it requires some dependences (like qt4-qmake and others). Do you also
have them installed?

> I remember Janek (two years ago..) playing with the display options of
> Simulation Controller making appear/disappear arrows representing
> velocities, accelerations, simultaneously during a simulation..
Oh it would be good to have it working again, maybe Janek could tell us how
to do/restore it?

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