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Re: About the moment calculation in cohesion-friction model


If I followed the discussion correctly, we have 3 contact laws, each
with its particular features, neither of them complete. Can someone
knowledgeable about the topic propose a solution, such as which law to
merge into which one, if it makes sense etc.?
Features should be added in Law2_ScGeom_CohFrictPhys_ElasticPlastic, definitely. Other laws or of the copy/paste/addfeature type, and they have creep removed.

Better documentation for those classes would certainly help as well; one
we identify those who wrote them and did not do the documentation
homework, they will have their karma decreased --
*  Copyright (C) 2007 by Bruno Chareyre <bruno.chareyre@xxxxxxxxxxx>     *
*  Copyright (C) 2008 by Janek Kozicki <cosurgi@xxxxxxxxxx>              *

Can Karma go negative? ;-)
Documentation is not that bad (it seems people reading this code usually understand it). Or rather, it is not the biggest problem at this point. The highest priority is to move attributes where they should be (namely, from functor to bodies physics).


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