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Re: Periodic simulations -> AttributeError: can't set attribute


For reg. tests I have to disagree. I see nothing wrong in updating the
reg test after a class interface is modified.
It's not changing what is being tested.
I beg to disagree. Regression tests assure that the program behavior does not change, i.e. that the same input gives the same (and correct) output. The interface should not be modified, neither the functionality. Otherwise either scripts will break (interface), or will give bogus results (functionality).

Now, of course it is a matter of deliberation which interfaces are so important that they should not change; perhaps you did not know that many were using refSize &co routinely, but the fact that is covered by the tests should suggest that someone (me :-) ) considered it worthy of some stability guarantee.

Fortunately, with the flexibility of python, maintaining interface stability is usually doable, let's make use of that possibility, although it can be extra work.

Cheers, v.