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[Question #142804]: PSD generation


New question #142804 on Yade:


A couple questions on particles generation by PSD:

1/ What is the difference between makeCloud(psdSizes,psdCumm), particleSD, and particleSD2?
2/ If we want a mixture with, let's say, x% particles in [r1,r2] and (100-x)% particles in [r3,r4], with no particles between r2 and r3 (staircase psdCumm), will one of the above apply?
3/ Is there a precise reason why the "best" psdScaleExponent is not 3?
4/ It seems particles generation will start with smaller particles and finish with the bigger ones, this is high demanding for the positioning algorithm which tries to find free spots. It would be easier (i.e. it could achieve lower porosities) to fill the voids between big ones with small ones. Ok to invert that part? 


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