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Re: Handout for yade course


> Looking at the wiki frontpage again, can I get suggestions (Bruno?)
> about what to add to the sphinx titlepage so that it can be used by
> default for yade-dem.org? (then we can talk about design; currently
> the wiki is not any prettier than sphinx in my eyes...)
Yes. Same result in my eyes.
The easiest would be to  include in sphinx main a short TOC of the wiki
Trying to isolate what has no sphinx equivalent, it would give something
like :

Wiki Section (linking to wiki main)
- Yade Community (link to the corresponding wiki section)
- Examples (link etc.)
- Features
- Development tools

Not sure if it is best to keep that in a separate section ("Wiki
section" at the same title level as current "Documentation"); or to
include the items above inside the "documentation" TOC (then the
"documentation" section should be renamed maybe, since "community" or
"examples" is not really some documentation).
What about that?