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Re: [Question #669990]: error using saveVtk() to get tesselation geometry


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Bruno Chareyre proposed the following answer:

FlowEngine contains a triangulation/tesselation data structure which
shares a lot with TesselationWrapper data structure. However if you
instantiate a FlowEngine and a TW in the same script it results in two
independent data structure in memory and what you do with TW is
completely unrelated to the output of saveVtk().

Yes, definitely, saveVtk will only output the result of some fluid solving. If the fluid is not solved (flow.dead=True or no timestepping) the output is empty.
You may try flow.emulateAction() before saveVtk(), which triggers what normally happens in a timestep (including building the triangulation).
I actually doubt outputing a vtk is what you need, but it might be another question. 

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