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Re: [Question #669990]: error using saveVtk() to get tesselation geometry


Question #669990 on Yade changed:

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Bruno Chareyre proposed the following answer:
TesselationWrapper also has some vtk-export functions, e.g. defToVtk(), but it doesn't seem to be the question in your case.
What you want is access to internals of the triangulation and going through vtk export just for this is a bit awkward. It would be probably more convenient to manipulate the data directly in python.
FlowEngine received more attention recently and it's python interface gives more access to internals. It is thus interesting to hear your feedback on what would me missing in TesselationWrapper.

But in the end, if what you want is the set of inscribed spheres my
impression is that you can get it directly from TwoPhaseFlowEngine (I
don't have the precise procedure in mind right now unfortunately).


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