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[Question #676451]: optimize camputational time for vibrated granular media


New question #676451 on Yade:

Hi everybody!

I'm trying simulate a mono-disperse vibro-fluidized granular media in a cylinder with a cone-shape base.

I'm using the geom tool to build a facetcylinder+facetcone container and the harmonicEngine to vibrate it.

Regarding  the interactions, i'm using the HertzMindlin physics.

I've done exactly the same simulation with LAMMPS and run both on the same machine using 4 cores:

once reached a stationary state, simulations with 200 or 300 particles (gas-like behaviour) have, for the two softwares, almost the same computational time (YADE is just 20% slower) while in the cases with more than 2000 grains (liquid-like behaviour) LAMMPS is ten times faster!

This is the code i'm using to create the container and the engines. Is there a specific tool to speed up YADE simulation in condition of vibro-fluidized granuar system in the liquid phase namely when the particles are in a vibrating box but constantly in contact to each other?

Thanks in advance.



O.materials.append(FrictMat(young=yPMMA, poisson=poissPMMA, frictionAngle=frictAngle,density=densPMMA, label='lmpPMMA'))

O.materials.append(FrictMat(young=ySteel, poisson=poisSteel, frictionAngle=frictAngle,density=densSteel, label='lmpSteel'))

coneId=O.bodies.append(geom.facetCone(Vector3(0,0,hcone/2.),rcont,rconelow,hcone,orientation=Quaternion((0, 0, 1),0),wallMask=(False*1+True*2+True*4),material='lmpPMMA'))

cyliId=O.bodies.append(geom.facetCylinder(Vector3(0,0,hcil/2.+hcone),rcont,hcil,orientation=Quaternion((0, 0, 1),0),wallMask=(True*1+False*2+True*4),material='lmpPMMA'))


		[Ip2_FrictMat_FrictMat_MindlinPhys(betan=0.4, betas=0.4),    

O.engines = O.engines + [HarmonicMotionEngine(ids = contenitore, A = (0,0,A), f = (0,0,fr), label='shaker')]

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