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Re: [Question #676507]: what are the differences of YADE with PFC version 6 in simulating?


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Mahdeyeh posted a new comment:
Dear Robert Caulk
Thanks a lot for your comments and help.
At first as you asked, because of some reason I have to search for a replacement of PFC for my study. Anyway I study on rock mass in underground mine. I dont work on fluid at all. Actually I want to simulate a rock mass before it is broken with blasting and in the following simulate process of material flow from above to down (same as material flow in silo or bunker: [1]). So in the first stage for unbroken rock, particle should have very low porosity(zero or near to zero) then after breaking and befor moving again their porosity should be very low and at this stage the rock is broken to wide size distribution of particles (e.g. from 1cm to 1m) with different shape (angular rigid particle),afterward material flow in that column starts toward down as the broken rock is drawn from outflow at the bottom (in this stage porosity gradually increase to some extent).  So YADE could do this for me? I mean having different shape of particle (e.g. polyhedral because I heard shape of particle in YADE is sphere) with zero porosity at first (no voids between particles, so it seems like a solid with a little joint or fracture) and then moving them with having all the characteristics and contact band (stress and strain and shear and .... )? and all these things in a 100m*50m*50 m model?

Thank you for your time.

[1] https://yade-dem.org/wiki/Outflows#Rectangular_outflow

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