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Re: [Question #677635]: keeping constant confinement


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Othman Alshareedah is still having a problem:
Hello Bruno,

Thanks for your answer. The porosity of the original cloud is about .74
and then it goes down to .65 (target porosity) because of triax
stresses. I was hoping there is a method to keep the particles at .65

But I guess you're right that the porosity of the cropped cylinder will
be higher. The purpose of the code is to get a cylinder with specific
porosity and then use it in another code for uniaxial stress test. Do
you suggest any method that I can use to do that? I tried using
randomDensePack but it give a porosity of .65 and I need much less than
that (I need porosity in the range: 0.2~0.3).

Regarding your comment about switchScene, I used the same code above but
just I replaced switchScene() with O.reset(), but after the target
porosity achieved, nothing happened in the simulation viewer, the
cylinder was not extracted. Please let me know if I'm doing it right or

I appreciate your help.


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