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Re: [Question #681232]: Sphere goes through the facet wall in Harmonic vibration


Question #681232 on Yade changed:

Jan Stránský posted a new comment:
>  it is very time-consuming

yes, sometimes / usually DEM is like that :-)

> the diameter of the sphere is around 80 um
> sp.makeCloud((0,0,0.35e-3), (1.0e-3,1.0e-3,1.2e-3), rMean=40e-6, rRelFuzz=40e-6)

the problem is that with rMean=rRelFuzz, the radius may be arbitrarily
small (you can print the minimal value), making the PWaveTimeStep very
small, too. Thereofore I suggested to change mass only by the smallest
particles (but with manually modified mass, you cannot use PWaveTimeStep
but a "hand made" estimation)

> the last step is mass shrinking, where the mass of all the particles
is gradually decreased to the 1/1000 of the used value. Does it make
sense or do you have good advice?

sorry, I did not get this point at all..


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