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Re: [Question #681232]: Sphere goes through the facet wall in Harmonic vibration


Question #681232 on Yade changed:

gaoxuesong posted a new comment:
>the problem is that with rMean=rRelFuzz, the radius may be arbitrarily
small (you can print the minimal value), making the PWaveTimeStep very
small, too.

Actually i run an example case where all the particles have the same
diameter of 100 um and the time step is set as 1e7. As soon as the
simulation starts, the particles explode and flow out.

>  the last step is mass shrinking, where the mass of all the particles
is gradually decreased to the 1/1000 of the used value. Does it make
sense or do you have good advice?

Sorry for confusing words used. The following is an example,

### a function to reduce the mass gradually 
redt = 0.5  ### how long for one mass reduction 
retime = 1.0 ### the time when mass reduction happens 
mrecof = 0.1 ## the mass reduction cofficient 
def mass_relaxation():
    global redt 
    global retime 
    if O.time > retime:
        retime = retime + redt 
        for eb in O.bodies:
            if isinstance(eb.shape, Sphere):
                eb.state.mass = eb.state.mass*mrecof 
        print('change mass', O.time) 

Then the function of mass_relaxation() is invoked by pyRunner Engine


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