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Re: [Question #689498]: How to keep quasi-static when increase loading rate


Question #689498 on Yade changed:

Chareyre proposed the following answer:
I would say what matters is your objective. If you want to approach a
rate-independent stress-strain response then you have to check what rate
does to the stress-strain response, define an objective measure of "error"
and a value of how much error you accept, then go find the corresponding
Although I agree overall with Jerome's answer I would underline that
inertial number makes no real difference, and the idea that there is
something special happening near Iv=0.001 is flawn. 1/ It is like asking
for which value of x, the function f=exp(-x) is negligibly small. "It
depends what you call 'small' sir". 2/ The relation between Iv and the
error depend on many parameters.
For instace, there are structural rate effects which depends on the ratio
of loading rate vs. P-waves velocity. The inertial number is independent of
P-waves velocity and therefore it is insufficient to determine what a given
rate means in terms of dynamics.

Until now it is difficult (and dangerous) to try and avoid a minimal
trial-and-error to check rate effects. It would be great to have a more
general theory for this though.


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