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[Question #689537]: Tutorial example script 04-periodic-simple-shear.py does not work


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I face the same problem as Jan in 2016 concerning 2 bugs in Tutorial example script 04-periodic-simple-shear.py.
These bugs were reported as  https://bugs.launchpad.net/yade/+bug/1634434
if stress.trace()/3.<limitMeanStress:
limitMeanStress is given a negative value (that's expected )

and stress.trace is positive and is increasing with time so the condition (L75) is never fulfilled.

Furthermore, it gives ZeroDivisionError in the beginning
and stress[2,2] is taking zero value at the beginning.

Was there improvements on the example script since with respect to these bugs ??
The film shown in the example can not for this reason be reproduced.

Thank you for your input,


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