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Re: [Question #689676]: coordinate system, local or global


Question #689676 on Yade changed:

Jan Stránský proposed the following answer:

> my question is: how can I know the principal directions is in the
global or local system?

all stress components and components of principal directions are saved
in global coordinate system.

what do you mean by local coordinate system (there can be many of them)?

> ... principal directions. In order to use the equation above ...
> I need to add the stress in each direction. I don't know whether the principal directions were in the local coordinate system or the global coordinate system.

both "the equation above" and "adding the stress in each direction" has nothing to do with principal directions..
I feel some misunderstanding here..

> it will be very complex. (convert all the coordinate into global
system and then calculate the macroscale stress)

just a note, converting coordinate systems is one matrix/quaternion


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