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Re: [Question #697548]: Simulating the time-dependent behavior of single grain


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Du Zhang gave more information on the question:
Hi Jan Stránský,

thank you very much for your reply and suggestions! I would like to add
more information.

The single sand grain will be simulated as an agglomerate ( a group of
sub-particles bonded together ). This agglomerate will be loaded between
two steel plates with a small constant load for days or months. Time-
dependent fracturing/deformation/force at contacts can be simulated.

Is there the Parallel-Bonded Stress Corrosion (PSC) model or any other similar model in Yade? 
PSC model was proposed by Potyondy (2007) as an extension of BPM to include the time-dependent behavior of rocks (the time-dependent development of microcracks) by adding a damage-rate law to the parallel-bond formulation. If a parallel bond is under tensile stress higher than the activation stress, the bonding material will be removed at a specified rate governed by a damage-rate.

I found a class yade.wrapper.CpmMat. It has "damLaw" for damage
evolution in uniaxial tension. I do not know if it is can reach my
object. Could you give me some advices? Thanks a lot again.

Du Zhang

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