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Re: [Question #697548]: Simulating the time-dependent behavior of single grain


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Jan Stránský proposed the following answer:
> for days or months

I am afraid that then DEM (Yade) is not the tool to use..
Yade is suitable for dynamic simulations, which are "short". It uses explicit time integration, which needs "very short" time step to make the simulation stable.

You could maybe use some implicit integration scheme, but I am not sure
how it would work for "non-continuous" phenomenons

Or some event-driven approach, but then there might be a problem with

Or some combination of above? Some "long-time-step" approach for "calm"
periods without breakage, skipping to explicit time integration when
breaking occurs until it stabilizes, then again "long-time-step"

Are new contacts important to your problem? If not, I would consider
other methods then DEM.

All in all, sounds like challenging topic :-)

> I found a class yade.wrapper.CpmMat. It has "damLaw" for damage
evolution in uniaxial tension. I do not know if it is can reach my

Cpm was developed to simulate short-term behavior of concrete. damLaw
parameter just switches between exponential or linear softening branch,
so it (neither damLaw neither Cpm) is not suitable for your problem.

But, as discussed above, I see the biggest problem in "time length" of
your problem (w.r.t. DEM).


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