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Re: [Question #697548]: Simulating the time-dependent behavior of single grain


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Du Zhang posted a new comment:
Thank you for your reply and suggestions.

> the biggest problem in "time length" of your problem 
Yes, a long time is the most important in my topic. I also looked at the tutorial examples and other examples you provided. There are a few concrete examples that look like the one I want to simulate, but unfortunately, they are all short-term as you said.

I also read the document, from this I learned about time step and period.
> some implicit integration scheme
Actually, I don’t understand this very much.

> Some "long-time-step" approach for "calm" periods without breakage, skipping to explicit time integration when breaking occurs until it stabilizes, then again "long-time-step" approach...
It feels like a solution, but I don’t know how good the result will be and actually don't know how to start.

> Are new contacts important to your problem?
Contacts between grain and steel or grain and grain are important I think.
But the contact model can be other.

Thanks a lot again!

Du Zhang

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