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Re: [Question #698605]: The distribution of contact normal direction and contact normal force are not uniform after isotropic consolidation


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Zhicheng Gao gave more information on the question:
Dear Jan,
Thank you for your reply.

>What is your definition of "even distribution" and "uniform"? 
By uniform, I mean that the height of the polar histogram is almost the same.

>any difference from utils.plotDirections? what difference? why?
Since the function utils.plotDirections  can only display the contact distribution in a semicircle, I made the contact distribution to be displayed in the entire circle by symmetrical processing.

>Why do you count the numbers and use an average force for each bin?
Isn't total force of the bin more meaningful?

I did that to calculate the contact normal force distribution defined by


Usually, in the literature, the contact direction distribution and contact normal force distribution after isostatic consolidation are almost a circle.  For example, like this picture: https://i.loli.net/2021/09/03/pwxedUM7cLyrGPK.jpg. This picture is from the article [2]

I want to know if there is a problem in my isostatic consolidation
process, which leads to uneven contact and contact normal force
distribution. Thank you!

Best wishes

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