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Re: [Question #698605]: The distribution of contact normal direction and contact normal force are not uniform after isotropic consolidation


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Jan Stránský proposed the following answer:
> By uniform, I mean that the height of the polar histogram is almost
the same.

just shift: how do you define "almost the same"?

> Since the function utils.plotDirections can only display the contact
distribution in a semicircle, I made the contact distribution to be
displayed in the entire circle by symmetrical processing.

since the other semicircle is symmetric, is it worth to change a
"standard" function? what are the results of the original
utils.plotDirections? same? better? worse?

> I did that to calculate the contact normal force distribution defined
by Rothenburg[1]

I do not have access, can you provide the formula / method description?

> I want to know if there is a problem in my isostatic consolidation
process, which leads to uneven contact and contact normal force

I would first suspect the plotting code. As discussed:
- the same forces distribution for the three planes is very suspicious
- the "randomness of bins of perpendicular forces" does not look very rigorous
- different computation for direction and forces, but it is intrinsically the same. For directions, are sphere-wall interactions included or not?
- I don't like the bin-wise averaging
- do you have some testing sample for which you know the result? Such test would strongly influence the code "confidence"
- ...


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