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Re: [Question #699807]: Particle Size distribution for fine-grained soil


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Karol Brzezinski proposed the following answer:
Hi Hossein,

what do you mean by:

>I employed this idea on YADE but the problem is still unsolved.

Did you scale all the particles? If so the packing problem would remain
the same.

>1) What type of up-scaling must be consider ?

There are different strategies od upscaling. It depends on what you want
to simulate, and what effect you want to observe/emphasize. I cannot
give you the universal formula, because there is none. Just try
different scenarios and try to validate your model, by comparison, to
the experiment (your or others). Maybe you should start with one sphere
size (the biggest) and when it works add smaller particles if necessary.

2) What do you mean by smaller volume ? a smaller cubic?( which can lead
to decrease the number of particles )

Modeling smaller volumes with small particles was just supposed to be an
exercise, so you could experience how the size of the particles
influences the speed of simulation.


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