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Re: [Question #699932]: Modéliser un fluide hydraulique


Question #699932 on Yade changed:

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Jan Stránský proposed the following answer:
> Since you said that it is possible to model a hyrdaulic fluid in YADE;

In an extreme case, it is possible to model a hydraulic fluid in pure Python, so it is also possible in Yade.
Information of no value, but as described above, on the same quality level as your question.

To get an answer with value greater than zero, please provide (muuuuch) more information, e.g.:
- something about yourself, your background ...
- if/what you have tried already
- the scope of the task:
    - university/industry
    - one month short project/PhD topic ...)
- etc. etc.

To improve the question, please describe what exactly means (got from the OP):
- in YADE: why Yade? Why not dedicated software to "hydraulic fluid"? What you expect from Yade compared to alternatives?
- a way: using existing features? implementing a new features? ... ?
- to model: any idea of a numerical method to be used? or just using it as a black box? what scales, times, volumes...? What should be the output? ... ?
- a hydraulic fluid: compressible/incompressible? what properties? under what conditions? ... ?
- a hydraulic pump: any link, image, ... ?
- a hydraulic turbine: any link, image, ... ?

> Please give me some possible solutions to my problem.

Please, as you were asked many times already, first you describe
properly (i.e. with much more details) what your problem actually is.
Otherwise see below the proposed solution to your problem.

> how can I do that

Without more information, the best answer we can give is:
You choose a suitable numerical method(s) for your problem(s), implement to Yade non-existent features if needed, and write a script doing what you need.


PS: as usually, please read [1] ...

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