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Re: [Question #699937]: Change 3D inertia to 2D/1D inertia


Question #699937 on Yade changed:

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Jan Stránský proposed the following answer:
>> So the particle only moves in z-direction
> using b.state.blockedDOFs = "xy" did not help for me purpose.

seemed like moving only in z direction is one of your purposes..

> I was not able to increase the time step, when I fixed along x and y

So just increase mass?

To increase (critical) time step (or at least its absolute value), you can:
- increase particle sizes
- decrease (material) stiffness
- increase mass/inertia
In any cases most likely modifying the physics of the system (!!)

> Could please explain why they choose ...

probably because it is the easiest approach :-)
(but I am not author of the code and do not use it, so the reason may be different)


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