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Re: [Question #705913]: how to run yade on multiple nodes using openmpi


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xuanshenyu requested more information:
Hi, Bruno
I was very encouraged by your professional reponse.

>> 1. I have never seen a need for the flag " --allow-run-as-root".
       Yes, my platform  context is very special, because the systerm of cluster is Centos.7 and off-line  in our school, and we failed to install Yade on Centos.7. So, my cluster engineer suggest that we use an ubuntu laptop to call the cluster. 
       After a series of setting such as group lan, encryption-free login, encryption-free communication, we have to use root perimission to perform parallel computing.
>>2.  Try running a python script for instance, then if it works try an example script from the mpi4py module (i.e. an actual parallel job)...
        That's a good idea. Could you a more detail suggestion or a python script for MPI?  I know a little of MPI and mpi4py.
        I'm sorry if this caused you any stress.
Thanks for your help.

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