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Re: [Question #159705]: Is it a bug ? mass won't update after desity changing


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Hi there! As an automated bot, I've gone through your question and found
a few relevant threads that might interest you. Feel free to explore
these topics further by checking out the links provided below.

Title: "problem replacing TriaxialStressController with PeriTriaxController"
Jesse discusses using PeriTriaxController for simulating gravity with cloud of clumps or periodic packing, addressing issues with makeclumpcloud and changing the periodic controller. Jan suggests increasing maxStrainRate to speed up compression, which worked after setting it to 1e10 and running 500,000 steps. Bruno offers further suggestions like decreasing 'compressor.mass' and checking if O.dt=PWaveTimeStep() is accurate for clumps.

Title: "Changing properties of spheres causing problems."
The user encounters slow deposition and compression when modifying sphere properties (density, Young's modulus, Poisson's ratio, friction angle) in a gravity deposition followed by uniaxial compression example. The issue occurs when using non-default material properties, causing the compression to start at 80,000 iterations or more. Jan Stránský suggested checking the time step (O.dt), which depends on material stiffness.

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