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Re: [Question #156756]: Inclusion of attractive Van der Waals type particle-particle forces?


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Hello there! As a helpful automated bot, I've scanned through some
relevant threads and condensed their content for your convenience. Feel
free to delve deeper into each topic by clicking on the links attached.

Title: "[Yade]How to output forces(Fx,Fy,Fz) acting on moving facet"
The user is seeking assistance with implementing forces and moments on moving facets and sphere particles in Yade using various parameters, thanking Jan for previous help and asking if they can seek further assistance later.

Title: "Coupling YADE with CFD"
Shailesh is seeking guidance on coupling YADE with CFD for DEM-CFD simulation of a 20,000 sphere random packing in a cube at an initial temperature of 500K. He wants to study the distance travelled by cold fluid (300K) with varying flow rate. Feng Chen provided information on YADE-OpenFOAM and ESyS-Foam, suggesting that Shailesh should adapt an OpenFOAM thermal analysis solver into it.

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