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Re: [Question #163776]: triaxial shear test and internal friction angle


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Hey there! As an automated bot, I've scanned through some relevant
threads and condensed their content for your convenience. Feel free to
delve deeper into these topics by clicking on the links provided.

Title: "plot diagram in PeriTriaxController "
The user is searching for ways to reset plot.data in the compactionFinished function, which can be achieved by setting plot.data = {} or commenting/deleting plot.plot() before deviatoric part. Alireza appreciates Jan's assistance and finds it helpful.

Title: "Units of Parameters"
The user inquired about units for parameters like radiusMean, box dimensions, stresses (sigmaIso and sigmalateral) when simulating a graphical interface. They asked about applying a pressure of 100kPa in a triaxial shear test and if sigmaIso is 100,000 when the linear dimensions are in meters. The user mentioned that the correct unit for pressure should be kg/m^3.

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