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Re: [Question #163929]: Example gts-horse.py


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Title: "Cannot open the file 'gts.coarse.gts'"
User encountered issues opening 'gts.coarse.gts' file for script 'gts-horse.py', received RuntimeError due to missing z coordinate. Changing Yade version to yade-daily didn't resolve the problem, but another 'gts.coarse.gts' file in '/usr/share/doc/yade/example/gts-horse' worked after comparing with 'meld' and finding a line break difference when opened in Notepad.

Title: "gts surface import problem"
A user is having trouble importing a gts file (cylinder.gts) into Yade due to an issue with the z coordinate in the file. They have been advised to check the file's first line for the number of vertexes, edges, and faces, and suggested to use stl2gts to convert a stl file into gts format. Users express frustration with using STL files directly in Yade and wish for a more direct method.

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