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Zim 0.25 released


Dear all,

Just uploaded zim 0.25 to the server. This is a bug fix and translation release. Thanks to everyone forreporting bugs and updating the translations Changes since 0.24 :

   * Added translations for Danish, Russian and Galician
   * Added --gtk-path to work around win32 environment behavior
   * Fixed a bug when opening files without asociated application
   * Fixed a bug for older versions of Exporter
   * Fixed bug that prevented using Gtk2::StatusIcon this means we can
     drop dependency on Gtk2::TrayIcon for gtk+ >= 2.10
   * Fixed bug with utf8 notebook name not showing correctly in
     TrayIcon menu
   * Fixed TrayIcon to hide window when it already has focus
   * Fixed bug with file selection dialog for certain gtk versions
   * Fixed bug where a few strings were skipped when indexing
     translatable text

And the translation status:

po/cs.po 34 not translated, 0 fuzzy
po/da.po 0 not translated, 15 fuzzy
po/de.po 0 not translated, 1 fuzzy
po/es.po 1 not translated, 8 fuzzy
po/fr.po 20 not translated, 3 fuzzy
po/gl.po complete
po/he.po complete
po/it.po complete
po/nl.po 0 not translated, 5 fuzzy
po/pt.po 13 not translated, 1 fuzzy
po/ru.po 40 not translated, 15 fuzzy
po/sv.po 50 not translated, 0 fuzzy



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