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Re: Merge VersionsDialog to trunk


Rui Nibau wrote:
Back to the subject of this message : i use Subversion quite often at
home (Ubuntu) and at work (win XP. BTW, i failed to install Zim on it).
So, Jaap, if you need help for debugging and testing, you can count on

For housekeeping in the directory structure I guess I need to call 'svn add', 'svn move' and 'svn delete' when creating, moving and deleting files and directories. Any other commands needed to keep the directory structure neat ?

Diff and annotate seem to work more or less the same as in bzr. Guess I need -r N:M to diff two versions.

Which other actions are usefull to have in the tools menu ? The current svn plugin has checkout, refresh, apply, import and cleanup. For bazaar I plan to only have a "save version" (commit), "pull update" (update) and "push update" (commit to server). Initializing a repository would be part of the "new notebook" prompt. Btw. how do I set svn to ignore the hidden dir ".zim" - or does it do so by default ?

For the auto-commit feature I want to build in a check of all files in the directory are added. Guess I can re-use part of the subversion plugin for that.


Jaap <pardus@xxxxxxxx>

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