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Merge VersionsDialog to trunk



Finally got the versions dialog workign good enough to merge it to trunk. It is by no means finished basic functionality works. For now it only does bazaar version control (bzr). You have to initialize and commit manually (auto-commit to follow soon as an option) but you can view versions in the GUI and zim will take care to add new files as well as to use the appropriate command for moving files.

For those who are interested I put a screenshot and a code snapshot at http://pardus.nl/tmp . Of course the code will also be mirrored at launchpad soon.

If anyone is interested to make this work for Subversion as well please let me know. I can setup the code to supprot svn, but need help with testing and debugging since I'm not much of an svn user myself.


Jaap <pardus@xxxxxxxx>

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