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0.27 release planning - call for translators


Hi all,

Target for the 0.27 release of zim is the weekend of Nov 8, so I just
uploaded new translation messages. Translators, please update your
translations so we can release in about two weeks time.

This release will contain a number of small bug fixes well as 3 new
features. Check the bug tracker for the small fixes, I flagged them as
"fix committed" over the weekend. New features are:

* Proper subversion support - support should be same level as for bazaar.
    * Only open item is how to deal with the ".svn" directory when
cleaning up empty directories
* Checkbox lists - allow a checkbox toggle as a list bullet.
    * Screenshot at
    * Open items are "smart" checking of sublists and integration of
this feature with the TODOList plugin
* Support to "automount" notebooks - this can e.g. be used to have zim
mount/umount fuse based filesystems like an encfs encrypted directory.
    * No GUI controls for this feature, see documentation for an
example of the config file

Thanks for all your feedback and all translation work!



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