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Re: 0.27 release planning - call for translators


M. Emin Akşehirli wrote:
I have a problem about translations. Sometimes it's hard for me to find in-application usage of some words. For example launchpad number 214 "Edit" text. Information say it's in an dialog box, but i couldn't find it's place. As a handicap of translation non-context translations may become ridiculous when put in context. So i want to ask, if there is a way to determine exactly where any text used in application.

Probably I should add more verbose info messages, I'll keep that in mind in the future. One way to get an idea where a message is used is to look for the line number as given by launchpad. Usually the module name is a good hint in which dialog to look for a message, but worst case you need to open up the source and look at the specific line to locate it. I realize this is not how it should be.

An of topic question/suggestion: I want to help to develop this application further. I've been a little bit afraid of perl but since you've said that you're porting Zim to python, maybe we can help you more easily. Do you have any plans about structuring the project to modules so any module can be developed seperaty by developers.

I think it is best if I take care of the framework myself, which is what I will be working on when 0.27 is out the door. I think once there is a rough version it should become much easier for people to help refine parts of the interface, add dialogs, plugins etc. Of course this kind of application should be modularized in such a way that you can easily commit patches that only touch a small part which is localized in the code.