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Re: Dialog to control stand alone server


Emilis Dambauskas wrote:
I have downloaded pyzim-0.42.tar.gz and tested it a little bit on
Ubuntu 8.10 x86 with Python 2.5.2.

Below are the errors that I noticed. I can file bug reports for them
if you advise me on which ones should be filed.

I'm sorry, probably I should have put in a larger disclaimer about current development status. All issues below are known or known to be untested. basically this is still an early prototype to get feedback on new interface components.

... 8< ...
2. Current HTML export filter will have to change :-). "* " for lists
is not acceptable and <p> should wrap long lines (white-space: pre is
not the best solution IMHO).

List are still to be implemented, for sure we will use <li> elements instead of "*". The line wrapping is part of the template. I used this style for the default template so line ending will look the same as in the editor. You can specify the template as a command line option. If you have some ideas for a template we can always include alternative templates in the package.