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Document folder and document root - difference


Hello Jaap and others,

I've updated the Czech translation, it's now up-to-date, I hope.

Approximately one year ago, I've translated the help, but never sent to Jaap. 
:-( I make a revision now and I'll finish it - there's no much work.

My question is - what's the difference between doc folder and doc root? I 
cannot fully understand ths section in help:getting started:

 If you want to include the image files in the notebook try the menu item 
"Tools -> Document Folder". This will open a folder in the notebook directory 
that corresponds to the current page. You can also use a document root for 
this, see properties for that.

The menu item is now Tools - Open document folder or Open document root. Is 
the folder the right place for keeping the images included in the page? Should 
the user copy the images here before inserting them in the page?

Thank you for clarification. I'm using 0.26.



Vlastimil Ott

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