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Tagging - idea and what I'm missing


Hello guys,

I think, we need just "a few lines of code" to enjoy tagging within zim. Could 
you comment my ideas?

What ve have

1. We have a namespace for tags, i.e. :tags (could be defined in prefs).
2. Every inserted tag have to be located in this namespace, i.e. :tags:kde, 
:tags:gnome, :tags:family, :tags:work

What we need

1. Displaying the tag's page - we need a macro command (or something similar), 
which displays the backlinks. So the page would be generated and would contain 
links to pages, which contain corresponding tag. When the user clicks the tag 
in the sidebar, the list will update.
2. Some kind of cloud or so on page :tags. But that's not urgent - we still 
can use the sidebar to access the tags.

I think some kind of automatic routines like "table of content" or "index" 
will be great. 

What do you mean about it?

Thanks for such a great program.


Vlastimil Ott

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