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Re: Tagging - idea and what I'm missing


Dotan Cohen wrote:
Are you suggesting that pages in Zim could have tags, or something
else? What, specifically, would be tagged?
Yes, pages, of course. I think, it's the same principle like TODO window (instead of a windows, it could be a panel or something more "handy").

I have one notebook, cca two years old notes - it's a mix of TODOs, themes for articles, ideas, short HOWTOs... It became a big problem to find the notice about "how to convert video to flash", "how to embed flash", "how use regexp" and so on. It was slow and searching was not exact - today I segment this notebook into four five others. But if I'd have tags... :-)

That's idea - tagging the content. The way the TODO feature goes, is perfect and great. And very useful for me.


Vlastimil Ott

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