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Re: Document folder and document root - difference


2009/1/20 Jaap Karssenberg <jaap.karssenberg@xxxxxxxxx>:
> I think for future versions what is now the document folder will be called
> something like the attachment folder while the document root will be renamed
> to document folder.

If xyz was called A and lmn was called B, then do not start calling
anything else A or B. That will only lead to confusion when people say
"I am using A" and you have to ask "the original A or the new A".
Worse yet, you might not ask and _assume_ the wrong one. I suggest
these new names:

"document folder" -> "attachment folder"
"document root" -> "~/.zim" and don't ask the user. No other
application asks the user to select where application-specific files
will be saved. As these file are intended to be used in Zim only (what
other application can read the wiki-style code anyway), there is no
need for it to be anywhere other than a hidden .zim directory.

Dotan Cohen



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