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Re: Zim and OneNote


> Overall Organization (tabs, colors, etc). The more pages you have, the
> more helpful

Could you expand on this? I also feel that organization in Zim could
be needs improvement, but I have no ideas as to how.

> Way better search (highlights occurrences globally)

There is an open bug for this!

> Tables

There is an open bug for this!

> Paste html, keep format. It also pastes a link to where you copied it
> from, and time

I think that there is a bug for this, at any rate, I remember it being
discussed. I personally hate the idea, but so long as there is an
option to have plain-text paste the default, then I agree that it
should be included.

> Move graphs around

Graphs? What graphs?

> A page can stretch; As big as a whiteboard if needed; one can start
> writing on any area, like a whiteboard

I have a feature request that I have not filed yet, modeled on this
terrific app:

That app, and ListPro, were my "killer apps" for years until I
abandoned my handheld and found Zim. There are still some features
that I lack, however, and I will file those.

> Audio recording and syncing it with text. Good for taking notes on
> lectures

Please expand on how this works in OneNote. I use my Nokia's voice
recorder often.

> Scans text in pictures. That is, it does an OCR and highlights matches
> when searching

This may be a problem as OCR in Linux is not so good at the moment. Is
it really useful in OneNote?

> Hand-written text recognition

How do you write it, with a tablet or with the mouse? Scan?

Dotan Cohen



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