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Re: Zim and OneNote


Jose Quesada wrote:
I've been using onenote for a long time on windows, and looking for
something similar on linux, I came to love Zim. Now Zim is available
for windows too... which is a God send. Still, the advantages of
oneNote still outweight the disadvantage (closed source, vendor lock-in).

I just wanted to share my notes on comparing zim and onenote. This is
personal, some features that are important for me will not be for you,
Anyway, I hope this is useful. Remember that OneNote has the
reputation of being a 'killer app'; some people won't abandon windows
because of onenote. So I'd say that mimiking some features from
OneNote will lure some people to try zim.

Better in Onenote


Overall Organization (tabs, colors, etc). The more pages you have, the
more helpful

Please file one (or more) feature requests in the bug tracker detailing how this should work. Currently I'm working on the database component that will keep track of the page index in the python port and it will be a hell of a lot more powerful than the current implementation.

Way better search (highlights occurrences globally)

Please file a bug report with details.


Yes, tables are high on my wish list too.

Paste html, keep format. It also pastes a link to where you copied it
from, and time

Html import (explicit or implicit on copy-paste) is also on my list. Not sure how to find a link for the source when you are pasting over the clipboard.

Move graphs around

Not sure what you mean by this one.

A page can stretch; As big as a whiteboard if needed; one can start
writing on any area, like a whiteboard

Sounds more like a mindmap like feature where you "draw" text boxes on a canvas. Mindmap / graphing plugin is also high on my wish list and some work is actually ongoing (using GraphViz). However a request turning every page in such a white board style widget would get a big no from me as it conflicts with other uses.

Not that important

Audio recording and syncing it with text. Good for taking notes on

I can imagine a plugin that triggers some recording program (re-use existing open source programs) and opens a chat-box like window to record notes. Result would be a normal page in zim with a link to an audio file and time-stamped paragraphs (editable of course). Same plugin could provide a window to re-play such a recorded page.

Given a suitable external program to record and play audio developing such a plugin would be of medium difficulty level.

Maybe good to also keep track of these kind of ideas in the bug tracker as wish list items.

Scans text in pictures. That is, it does an OCR and highlights matches
when searching

Again the proper way of doing this would be to find an existing program to handle the OCR and wrap it in a plugin. Highlighting in the image itself may be difficult, as the OCR program would have to provide coordinates. But it would allow to import the text into the zim page, make it searchable etc.

Hand-written text recognition


Better in zim

Multi-platform (linux - win)

Can be put on a thumbdrive

Plain text, no vendor lock-in

Tracking changes with a version control system possible

camelCase creates new page

Equation support

Code highlighting possible (GTK after all). Important for a pastebin

Oh! one last comment. The features that I find more important are
actually easier to implement than the ones that I find non-important
(audio, OCR etc). This should be good news.

- -Jose