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Discover Getting Thing Gnome and Zim, potential for collaboration


Hello everybody,

I just discovered a nifty new python-gtk app that enables GTD usage:
Getting Thing Gnome.

If you try it out, you can see similarities with Zim in the structure and
in the workflow. I was wondering if both projects could not benefit from
each other in particular given that Zim is being rewritten in python-gtk.
Both apps have (or wants to have) a plugin system to add supplementary

GTG would benefit from Zim's wiki like text input in task description (and
support for multiple cancel input for example).

Or Zim could inherit a better task manager than what's currently in Zim.

In any case, for now I have no perfect GTK+ application that let me handle
my preferred GTD workflow:
1/ While I read mail/IRC/Web, I discover something interesting that I
might want to look into (or I receive a task to do). That's the
Inbox part of any GTD app, I should be able to drop a mail/URL/paste there
as quickly as possible directly from within the respective application
2/ When I sort the GTD Inbox, I want to create tasks in a GTD aware
application (that would be GTG) or decide that the piece of information
that I have stored doesn't need any action but I want to keep it for
reference in my notes (that would be Zim).
3/ When I work and check my tasks, the tasks can contain references to
other material (say design notes). Thus I would want to be able to click
on a link inside GTG and have Zim open up on the given page (because I
like Zim to draft such documents).

I hope that this message will foster some collaboration and gives you
ideas on how you can reach such a level of integration. The result would
be a really powerful framework to organize time/projects/information I

For reference, I'm currently using a java app for my GTD workflow
together with Zim (http://www.zim-wiki.org/) for notes. The java app is 
ThinkingRock (http://www.trgtd.com.au) there might be some interesting
ideas to take there. I like the review screen in particular, that's what
I'm using most of the time. I also use the possibility to print reports
so that the piece of paper near my computer always has an overview of all
the tasks that I have scheduled for the current week (and I write new
tasks on it while on phone with customers, so it's also a secondary inbox).

Raphaël Hertzog

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