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Re: [Gtg-user] Discover Getting Thing Gnome and Zim, potential for collaboration


Le vendredi 13 mars 2009 à 19:20 +0100, Jaap Karssenberg a écrit :
> All,
> I have been looking into Getting things Gnome and this is room that I 
> see for making the programs collabrate:
> For zim have a plugin that adds an "Turn  into task" action. This action 
> would take a piece of text selected in the editor and pass it to gtg in 
> order to create a new task. If the text contains a bullet list bullets 
> couldbe turned into sub-tasks automatically. This would allow to use zim 
> as an "inbox" or brainstorm pad, and define tasks in gtg easily when 
> organizing.
> Also for zim have a way to link to gtg tasks by a url or similar.
> Needed in gtg for this:
> * commandline option to open a task by title / id / ..
> * commandline option to read new task from stdin or something like that

All of that and more should be available in GTG 0.2 via DBus. I plan to
do that soon.

> Similarly in gtg one could have a url style to link to notes in zim - 
> this is easy as zim allready excepts notebook + page as commandline 
> argument.
> After turning on experimental note support in gtg I see the "turn into 
> note" toggle for tasks. Would be nice to have an option making this call 
> zim and paste the contents into a new page in the notebook.
> Needed in zim:
> * commandline argument to read new note from stdin or something similar
> Just my brainstorm dump, please let me know if you have other ideas.
> Cheers!
> Jaap