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Re: Opening several windows of zim


2009/6/6 Roberto Suarez Soto <robe@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Hi,
>        first of all, my excuses if this has been covered before. I try to
> keep up-to-date with the list, but sometimes I can't; and besides my
> memory is awful.
>        Is there any possibility of having several windows of zim open at the
> same time? I usually have a window of zim open with something that I'm doing
> (notes of a project, for example) and suddenly I have the urgent need of
> editing another page. Of course, I can switch to that other page and go back
> to the one I was editing, but I'd like to open another window with the other
> page and let the one I was editing undisturbed.
>        If this is not yet possible, it would be in my wishlist for the next
> version. Thanks in advance.

There is an open feature request similar to what you are asking about.
Search for it on launchpad.net and if you have constructive comments
to add, please do. Thanks!

Dotan Cohen