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Opening several windows of zim



	first of all, my excuses if this has been covered before. I try to
keep up-to-date with the list, but sometimes I can't; and besides my
memory is awful.

	Is there any possibility of having several windows of zim open at the
same time? I usually have a window of zim open with something that I'm doing
(notes of a project, for example) and suddenly I have the urgent need of
editing another page. Of course, I can switch to that other page and go back
to the one I was editing, but I'd like to open another window with the other
page and let the one I was editing undisturbed.

	If this is not yet possible, it would be in my wishlist for the next
version. Thanks in advance.

        Roberto Suarez Soto                             Allenta Consulting
        robe@xxxxxxxxxxx                                   www.allenta.com
                                                           +34 881 922 600

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